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Finding your way through life's changes and challenges

When our psychological well-being is disturbed by pain, trauma, broken relationships, addiction, compulsive behavior, meaning of life questions, depression, despair, or other disruptive issues, personal resources do not always work in seeing us through these difficulties.

As we age and transition into the next stage of our lives, change and unforeseen events are inevitable. Responding well to these changes can become especially difficult if one is confined by old behavior and thinking patterns that no longer serve one's life. A person in transition may become anxious or depressed, and may have a pervasive feeling of discontentment with the direction his or her life is taking.




Couples conflict

Family violence

Life transitions

Divorce or separation

Grief and loss

We must have the courage to face whatever is present-- our pain, our grief, our loss, everything that moves us most deeply

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

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